How to Recover Openfire admin Password

Openfire is a cross-platform java based free Instant Messaging server which implements the XAMPP (Jabber) protocol with extensions. It is very well suited as corporate instant messaging solution.

After I installed the Openfire, I could not login using the admin's password while I am 100% sure that my password was correct. I believe it is a bug of Openfire.

Here is how I recoved the admin's password.

1. Run Openfire Installation Wizard again:
cd /usr/share/openfire/conf
vi openfire.xml
Change the




Run the Installation Wizard again, which is http://your_ip_address:9090/

2. Select MySQL as the Openfire's database during the installation. You may still select HSQLDB instead of MySQL. Because I am not familiar with HSQLDB, I selected MySQL which is easy for me to reset admin's password.

You need to create a new MySQL database and provide the related information in the installation wizard.

After you finished the installation wizard, you can go to next step.

3. Reset admin's password in MySQL:
Login to MySQL and use openfire database. I use the command:
mysql -u root -p openfire

Display the password for the admin user with the query:
select password from ofUser where username = 'admin';

The encryptedPassword field is your admin's password. Change the admin (or any other users) password by setting password field to chosen value and encryptedPassword field to null. For example here is the query to set the admin password to 123456:
update ofUser set password='123456', encryptedPassword = null where username ='admin';

This will change the current admin password to 123456. Remember to change it to a different value after you login to the admin console. This will change your password to null and encryptedPassword to an encrypted string for added security purpose.

4. Restart the Openfire and Login again:
/etc/init.d/openfire restart


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  2. suganyadevi suganyadevi to retrieve the password for the given openfire username using qt..pls give any examples...

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