Windows PC

1. Concatenate Multiple Text Files in Windows:

You have a directory full of log files that you want to import into Excel or a database so you can do some processing on them… but there are hundreds of files… how do you make them into a single file?

copy /a *.log aggregate.txt

2. How to delete a large folder of a large number of files?
(1) Command Line:
rmdir /s /q "My Apps" rmdir /s /q "My Documents" rmdir /s /q "My Pictures" rmdir /s /q "My Work Files”

(2) Windows Explorer:
Select the folder and then hold down the Shift key and then Delete. You'll be prompted about permanently deleting the files. No recycle bin should speed this up.

3. How to change Windows Command Line Prompt Default Location?
Run --> regedit.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Command Processor Add a new String Value in the right pane: Name: Autorun Value: CD /d C:\foldername

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